10 Best Playground Games for Kids

Your little one has grown up and possibly bored of playing at home. Perhaps, they don’t want to stay at home anymore. To introduce them to the outside world and nature, you should encourage them for playground games. They will have a great chance to connect with nature.

In today’s episode, we’re going to release 10 best playground games for kids that will help your children to develop their growth.

 Here, you go!

As the good weather is getting closer and next to it the summer, it’s time to start the playground games for kids. They can be done both in the garden and in a park near your home. The best idea is to enjoy it with your family or other children.

Today’s children don’t have so much time to play outside and many of the parents are aware of it. Similarly, in schools and children’s centers have also decreased the hours of play outside to give more space to classes.

However, what many people don’t know that with games kids learn skills and lessons that are essential in life. That is, with them you can complete your education.

Children’s outdoor game is not only fun but also healthy.

This kind of games develops kids’ environmental knowledge or mutual understanding and encourages teamwork. The best part of this game is that it improves children’s creativity and imagination.

The best thing is that kids don’t need many toys to play outside because there are many activities that your kids can enjoy in a natural environment.

10 Best Playground Games for Kids

1.The hiding place

Playground Games For Kids
The hiding place

This is one of the best traditional outdoor games. If you want to play this, you need at least three people. One of them will be selected to stay at the meeting point, your eyes will be blindfolded and you must count up to number 10.

During that time, the rest of the participants should look for a hiding place. When the counting of number (1-10) finishes, the chosen person will go out to look for the rest. The idea is that each hidden participant tries to arrive without being seen to the meeting point.

If the chosen person finds a participant, he will take his place; otherwise, the chosen will have to re-blindfold.

2. Pull the rope

Playground Games For Kids
Pull the rope

This is one of the classic outdoor group games. At least 4 people are needed, who will be divided into two teams. A line is drawn on the ground that divides the land into two fields.

To start the playing, the groups should be placed on both sides of the line holding the rope with their hands. At the count of three, they will begin to pull in the opposite direction; that is each group towards its field.

The purpose is to attract the opposing team from the other side of the line. Who can defeat the opposite team will be the winner. It is a game that develops strength and physical endurance.

3.Policemen and thieves

Playground Games For Kids
Policemen and thieves

It is one of the most popular games. In fact, you probably remember when you played as a kid. The rules are very simple. To play the game, you have to form two teams: a group of police officers and another group of thieves.

At the first signal, the group of thieves must run to hide and the police wait a reasonable time before going out to look for them. The policemen must look for the thieves in their hiding places.

If they find them, they win the game. If the thieves manage to escape from their hiding places and manage to group themselves, they win the game.

4.War of water

Playground Games For Kids
War of water

This is another fantastic game, especially in the hot season. In summer, as the heat is already stalking, nothing is better than playing with water guns. But don’t forget to put on your swimsuit! You can also do it with water balloons.

5.Draw outdoors

Playground Games For Kids
Draw outdoors

You can tell your children to draw landscapes and even try finger painting to express their creativity and talent. Through this type of game, they can increase their artistic sensibility.

6.Treasure hunt

Playground Games For Kids
Treasure hunt

This is also another great game to improve kids’ creativity. For this game, you have to hide several treasures with small gifts for the kids. You can play in a sand room or draw a small treasure map to find the hidden objects.

7.Sack race

Playground Games For Kids
Sack race

The sack race is a traditional game and well-known all over the world. To play this game, you only need a few large trash bags and enough terrain to move around.

In the race, the participants enter inside the sacks, tying them to the waist or grabbing them with their hands. Participants must move by jumping without leaving the sacks or falling. The one who reaches the goal first wins.


Playground Games For Kids

This dance is relatively simple and you only need a bar, a mop or broomstick. The person who dances has to bend as much as possible so that he can go under the bar.

Two other people will be holding the bar. The technique for a successful limbo dance is very easy but requires practice and concentration.

9.Egg race in the spoon

Playground Games For Kids
Egg race in the spoon

This fun game can be played individually or by teams. Each player will have to run with a spoon in his hand where an egg or ball has to place. The participants leave the starting line and run as fast as possible trying to keep the egg from falling out.

If this happens, the player must stop retrieving the egg. Place it on the spoon and keep running until reaching the goal.

10.Blind makeup

Playground Games For Kids
Blind makeup

First of all, divide all the participants into pairs. Then supplies to couples with a few cosmetics (lipstick, powders or leftovers). One member of each team must make up the other with blindfolding. Next, the roles should be changed so that everyone has their makeover.

Above all, you should help your kids play those games so that they can increase their creativity.

What kind of playground games for kids do you like most?

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