7 Outdoor play accessories

Yes, this winter is already lengthening too much but let’s be positive, good weather will come soon—the heat, the beach, the pool, the gardens, and terraces … and we can be tired of heat and sun.

Meanwhile, we have no choice but we have to put on the raincoat and face so much rain. Even, I already have some plan on my mindset in summer. I’m looking for giving some important ideas to have fun with outdoor play accessories that were original and different.

Here it goes my super selection to inspire your creativity.

7 Outdoor play accessories

 1.Funny floats

Outdoor play accessories
Funny floats

Summer is to enjoy the pool, wherever you have the pool or the removable pool in your garden or the pool in your town. At least half a summer, you have to spend it in a pool to withstand the heat that is coming in recent years.

To have fun in the water, a floating can be an excellent outdoor accessory. With this floating, you can enjoy hours of fun there with your family.

2. A permanent hopscotch in the garden

outdoor play equipment accessories
A permanent hopscotch in the garden

We have all played hopscotch at some time by drawing it with a chalk on the cement or the road. This project gives you a spin to create a permanent hopscotch in the garden, even if you have grass.

By giving a decorative and fun to the garden both children and adults are going to have a great time playing outdoors. This outdoor accessory is Homemade that brings a lot of happiness. If you want to make it, you will need 11 cement blocks that you can get in any center of construction materials.

Look picture here: https://www.happinessishomemade.net/easy-diy-rainbow-paver-hopscotch

3.Game of dunk

Outdoor play accessories
Game of dunk

This is another fun game to have a great time in the garden that’s called the game of hoops to shoot. With a little DIY and painting, you can do it. Besides, you can involve the smallest in its construction and then have fun together to see who makes more points. This is really a great outdoor accessory to enjoy the hours of fun together.

 4. Large table games

Outdoor play accessories
Large table games

With this large table game, we have already approached a little to this idea but I am referring to the traditional board game like the domino. I’m dying of love for this giant domino for the garden. If you want to play this game, it has no complication. The game can be very fun and involves the whole family.

5.Outdoor Swing accessory

Outdoor play accessories
Outdoor Swing accessory

For a child, flying on a swing through the air is one of the best games that exist. Additionally, this activity is full of benefits for the development of children. Movement on a swing helps establish a balance, caution and sensory information as they explore a new world. Your kids can enjoy a lot of fun with this outdoor accessory.


outdoor play accessories

This is another fantastic outdoor play accessory. The fun is guaranteed. To play this, you only need a sturdy rope, a bike handlebar, a ladder, and two trees. To pull on the zip line, children should always be under the supervision of an adult. When I was a kid, I used to play this game.

This is really fun that I like most. And it’s one of my favorite games. Kids can try it and will have a huge fun.

7.Giant appellants, outdoor accessory

outdoor play accessories
Giant appellants, outdoor accessory

These outdoor games are very complete because they combine crafts, language development through the formation of words, physical exercise and contact with nature. The dynamic is as like as the scrabble table game or the app quizzed.

Start by creating the cards of the game with cardboard, scissors, and markers or paint. You have to create the following number of chips per letter:

1: F, J, Ñ, Q, V, X, Y, Z

2: B, G, H, M, P, wildcard

4: C, L, T

5: D, N, R, U

6: I, S

7: O

8: A, E

Then you just have to go out into the garden, distribute 7 letters to each player (without seeing), and leave the rest face down in a corner. Begin to put the chips and form words, and see replenishing letters of the pile as you put them on the board.

When the chips are finished or nobody can place more letters, the game is over. Do not forget to add the points on each play and point them on a marker. These are the points per letter:

1 point: A. E, I, L. N, O, R, S, T, U

2 points: D, G

3 points: B, C, M, P

4 points: F, H, V

5 points: Q

8 points: J, Ñ, X

10 points: Z

Benefits of outdoor games

Outdoor games for children offer various benefits. While the children play:

–They exercise physically and learn to know each other better. In this sense, they learn how fast they can run, jump, swim, among other related aspects.

–They put different skills into practice and explore their own abilities.

–They release endorphins, better known as the hormones of happiness.

–They make direct contact with nature and the environment in general.

–They enhance their social skills through the adoption of different fictional roles in the game.

–They have the opportunity to make new friendships, gain positive experiences, and interact with other children.

Outdoor games allow children to perceive the differences that exist with their other playmates and take advantage of them all to achieve more and better fun. This is one of the most beautiful aspects of the game that it allows you to connect beyond differences and be highly cooperative.

Now we’ve reached in the final part of the article. You’ve read out 7 best ideas for outdoor play accessories. You can just apply this accessory for your kids’ playing in outside. This game is really educative. And they will have a great chance to develop their physical and mental growth.

Thanks for reading out article!

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