Cool backyards for your kid’s colorful childhood memory

Ah, summer. My favorite of the season hands down. I love all the holidays, long days, and visits
to the ice cream shop and of course, spending a lot of time outdoors with cool backyards. Who does not like to spend time outdoors in summer? And that goes double for kids! There is something nostalgic about children running around outside, getting dirty, swimming and the like.

They hardly need any help at all through toys to entertain them, but it certainly does not hurt! There are some really fun summer kid-friendly backyards out there that kids will love. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make the kids happy. In fact, you could probably get to the dollar store and they would be thrilled! I decided to take a look and look for some items that would be ideal for almost any child to play and enjoy this summer. I come up with these 10 outdoor cool backyards just for kids. Take a look and see what your little would love this summer!

10 Best kids friendly Backyards

1.Painting with Water on Sand

A very cool backyards idea is to paint on the sand, generating contrasts between dry and wet. At backyard, it is very easy to take a canvas or a wooden box to fill it with dry sand.

cool backyards
Painting with Water on Sand

Usually, your kids can draw with wet brushes. They will realize a fantasy feeling through this art making.  On the beach, it can be done backward too. Spraying dry sand on the wet can make fantastic drawings on the shore.

2.Painting on an Outside Sheet

This is an idea you may have seen many times. It is simple to make at home, so it is an excellent choice to start.

cool backyards
Painting on an Outside Sheet

It is as simple as painting a wooden plank with blackboard paint. If you want to make it more beautiful, add a frame. Of course, if you are going to put it in outdoor, it is best to put together the slate paint, a room of exterior paint and protecting wood. Then, let your kids paint according to their artistic feelings.

3.Uses of Playground Tiles

Do you need a play area? Do you want to have a paver patio without grass? If so, a play space can be created everywhere, just like the backyard of your house. You just need a rubber playground titles.

cool backyards
Uses of Playground Tiles

It has different colors of interlock. It’s very lasting and not breakable. Even some are created from recycled rubber tires. Your kids can get a lot of fun there.

4.Good Looking Musical Wall

Music is very heart-touching and enriching. It gives endless opportunities for kid’s creative play. You can create a music wall mounting the musical items on a fence but you have to make a solid structure on the wall.

cool backyards
Good Looking Musical Wall

You can use pans and pots, xylophones and wind chimes or more to produce a musical oasis for your kids’ enjoyment.

5.Vegetable and Herb Gardens for Kids

Kids usually learn through the play. You can teach them important skills like growing flowers and their own food. Inspire your kids to go to your garden.

cool backyards
Vegetable and Herb Gardens for Kids

Let them make their own food and teach how to plant different trees in the garden. This kind of activities will enhance kids’ mantel growth and creativity.

6.Outdoor Chalkboard

This is another fantastic backyard idea for your kids. Usually, kids love to play with chalk. This play will attach another level of your backyard.

Cool backyards
Outdoor Chalkboard

What you need to do is start painting a piece of big plywood that you can do with chalkboard paint. Then, attach to a fence or wall. You can also put a bucket which is filled with chalk nearby.

7. Backyard Clubhouse for Kids’ Creativity

You can make a beautiful clubhouse for your kids. For that purpose, you can collect old blankets and sheets to make tepees. Then, you can beautify this giving some sort of your kids’ favorite toys, pillow, umbrella or more.

Cool backyards
Backyard Clubhouse for Kids’ Creativity

Even, a couple of chairs will give a nice decoration to your clubhouse. If possible, add a couple of sunflowers to make a secret beauty and leave a small place for an entryway.

8.An Additional-Large Hammock

You should forget fighting over the hammock on every beautiful day. It reminds me of my childhood. In my own days, I used to play with my brother and sister, and fight a lot for making fun over there. Probably, you did the same things.

Cool backyards
An Additional-Large Hammock

An additional large hammock will make your family relax and give you full enjoyment. Especially, in summer when hot in-house, you can enjoy natural elements such as fresh air flowing, open sky, beautiful trees etc.

9. A Tree House Making Cool backyards

A treehouse is a symbol of the kid-friendly backyard. It not only gives a space to play but also increases kids’ motor skills. In the tree house, kids can make their own art and play with their friends without any inertia.  Experts say that treehouse teaches the child a balanced approach to danger as kids climb the tree.

Cool backyards
A Tree House Making Cool backyards

Modern people’s sensitivity to risk is very rear now a day, just like the tree house backyard system. There are a lot of professionals who especially prefer to treehouse with good safety as it increases the natural growth habit of the tree.

10.A climbing Wall Making

The climbing wall is a great way to grow kid’s courageous power. It increases their strength and helps for good fitness. The climbing wall has a different range and it just requires a space to make it or a simple kit.

Cool backyards
A climbing Wall Making

Kids can make huge fun there. It’s just like a digital screen. But you have to attach some strong hooks so kids can climb with the help of the hooks. In this way, your little one can climb and enjoy a lot.

Finally, enjoy your life and choose your best one what we’ve have interpreted before including our 10 best cool backyards.

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